Local Outsourcing

Why “Local” Outsourcing? We all know some of the economical issues we’re all facing and with companies outsourcing to oversea’s companies and not having much luck with results they were receiving, we wanted to provide a good local option for them.

Nova Scotia is loaded with I.T. talent so why should companies go overseas? TechDogs will provide you with the outsourcing options that work best for you and give you good Return On Investment (ROI) other than by going to a company from far away.


MYTH – If you go overseas you will get the same product at a cheaper price because the workers are more affordable.

FACT – Most of these companies have teams that work on your project among 100’s of others so you are not a real priority and mistakes are often made which end up cost more money for you to fix and time wasted and we all know time is money. Local talent can provide what you need the first time so what you’re paying for is truly what your paying for. 

More companies are starting to come back and use local talent more and more for their outsourcing needs because they get what they want without the headaches that come form dealing with outsourcing away. Sometimes it better to see the people you’re dealing with.