I.T. HR Services

We provide many different HR services targeted directly for companies that have a wide range of existing and non-existing I.T. departments.

Whether you have 0 staff or 100’s of I.T. staff we have solutions to fit your companies needs. You could be looking for actual people or we can provide additional services like forecasting, I.T. department creation, management assistance of stand alone I.T. staff, I.T. Expertise to sit on your interview panels and evaluations, job requirements definition just to name a few. Give us a call or see below for more details on how we can best help you with your I.T. needs.



I.T. Hiring Assistance –

Is your company growing and now needs I.T. staff? Not sure where to start and what you need? We can help. We have the experience to assist with defining what requirements you need in a candidate with help from our I.T. professionals on staff but also finding you that perfect people to get you up and running quick and easy.

Or maybe you have some team members in place and are looking to expand because of a new business strategy or initiative? We can help guide you on what you need and then help you find that person or persons.

I.T. Staff Management –

Most smaller companies may have 1 or more I.T. staff members but they report into another department head, there is no true I.T. Division. Sometimes this organizational structure create de-efficiencies and staff problems. We can act as your virtual I.T. Division and have your I.T staff reporting into us which frees up your other department heads to focus on their own functions. This can open up new possibilities of budgeting, reporting, problem identifying and other basic I.T. functions that either eat up a lot of your managements time or is not getting done altogether.

I.T. Departmental Staff Planning –

This is an extension of our Hiring Assistance which takes it to the next level, when you’re ready to move from a handful of I.T. staff into a full department on its own. This mean hiring more senior personnel and management. We’ll help you plan out what your new department should look like and then help find you the best candidates to fit those roles to help your company grow.

I.T. Job Reviews & Interview Assistance –

Already know what you want but would like a second opinion on if the requirements actually are what you need for your business? We’ll provide you with our expert opinions and can bring in industry experts if needed to further provide clarification.

We also can sit directly on your interview panels to provide you with a 3rd party scoring option to help you make a better decision.

SOW’s & RFP Evaluations –

Looking to create a Scope of Work for a new hire? We can act as a 3rd party to evaluate your requirements.

As well we can help in various aspects of your RFP process from helping to write technical requirements, etc. to being apart of the RFP scoring process and evaluations. We offer a complete nonbiased opinion and pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity.