I.T. Recruitment

Recruiting by REAL I.T. Professionals

We want to set a new expectation when it comes to I.T. recruiting by delivering a new and unique experience for not only Employers but the potential employees or candidates as well.

Most other firms can say they’re I.T. Experts or they “know I.T.” but although their staff have been recruiting I.T. for years, they don’t have anyone that has actually been in an I.T. position, so how can you really know I.T.? We set ourselves apart because we HAVE I.T. professionals on staff that are working today in the I.T. field and we are able to draw on that experience to take recruiting to the next level for our employer clients. 

How many good candidates are not getting through to you company? Other agencies will not present candidates based on a number of reasons that may not matter to you, recruiters will not submit someone who does not or they cannot make match 100% of the details of your posting, most of the time the truth of the candidates experience is stretched to do this, as well some people are just not good at interviews, or aren’t great story tellings about the history and experience so they’re set aside but a lot of these people have a great history and track record of going in and doing an excellent job as well as have great personalities. We’re able to see past some candidates weaker verbal challenges and with the help of our I.T. Pros make a match to employers requirements that would otherwise not be getting through the other guys giving better options and better candidates selection.

So how do you you feel about having a completely new set of candidates now available? We will submit candidates that we know will make a great fit because we have people that have been in those positions and know what it takes. We also have a vast network of I.T. Industry Experts that we will draw on from time to time for consults to make sure that you are getting the very best candidates.



Full Time Placements –

You want to make sure that when you hire someone full time that they’re the right fit, not only technically right but will fit into your companies culture and get along with their co-workers. We have the expertise to help with your search but we’ll also work with you to make sure that what you’re really looking for for requirements comes out in your job description to not only find you the best technical candidate but the best candidate that aligns to your business goals and objectives.


Contract / Temporary Placements –

We have staff with many years of experience actually out in the field in these types of positions and will work with your company to find the best candidates that other companies may not be presenting to you. When dealing with a large project or short deadlines you want the best person for the job, not the best person who studied and answered everything perfectly in the interviewer. We’ll help employers by presenting the best candidates technically and personality wise to best match your requirements and ultimately have your project implemented and completed the way you wanted it.