In addition to all the regular things that companies do (reducing paper, power saving, water reduction, etc) we are committed to a new trend in the marketplace, The Mobile Workforce.

What does this mean? We do not have and do not plan to have a physical office, with today technology most business can be done virtually. With TechDogs starting out with this type of “Green Office” we’re able to implement immediately with none of the issues a lot of large leading companies are dealing with trying to setup these virtual offices and mobile workforces and have been unsuccessful. We are one of the only companies in Nova Scotia to put this concept to practice.

For those instances that we do need to meet with our employers and candidates, we’ve setup partnerships with various companies to be able to share the physical resources like boardrooms, event space, etc. This allows us to host meetings and interviews in a more professional atmosphere when appropriate.

We also use a lot of Cloud technology for are backend systems which allows us to utilize these shared infrastructure environments and take advantage of their already existing sustainability programs.