About Us

We are a recruitment firm focused in I.T. We have what no other recruitment company has which is REAL I.T. professionals on staff, that allows us to not just say we know the industry because we’ve been hiring for it for years, we know the industry because we’ve been WORKING in it for years. Other places can say they are I.T. experts but we actually are.

With the help of our Consulting Division we have a pool of knowledge ON STAFF that allows us to tap into industry knowledge to better help you find the people you are looking for.

We’re a different type of recruitment agency, we like to focus on the candidate just as much as the employer. To us the better we can understand and treat our talent the better it is for our employers.

Most recruitment firms focus a lot on interview skills, a good background story and filling in matrixes and not the candidates actual experience. With matrixes the focus so much on matching the employers requirements, this sometimes means stretching the truth on some candidate experiences.

We know that just because a technical person may not have the best interview skills or is not strong in part of a minor requirement doesn’t mean they won’t be a great fit for the job. Things like what they did and who they did it for sometimes go further towards experience, along with personality, team work skills and business sense need to be taken into account.

So we do, do things a little different that the norm but that is why we are the New Breed in I.T. We know we can help your company with any of its I.T. personnel needs and we’ll make sure you will have a better experience along with finding the best person for the role.

We also offer the same great service focused on technical skilled trades and other general recruitment.