General Call Out – EMPLOYERS

We are looking for our next new relationship with Employers; we want to help with your I.T. recruitment needs! We offer a variety of services that can help with your company and business needs.

We understand all the complexities that come along with I.T. and the challenges of hiring for I.T. positions and that’s why we’re here for you! We are focused on the I.T. industry to ensure our clients get the right people, with the right skillsets, for the right job. We have the I.T. knowledge and background required to assist our clients with all their recruiting needs. Our expert I.T. staff have not only been recruiting but have been working in the I.T. field for over 20+ years, this gives us unique insight and knowledge that you won’t get anywhere else.

One of the ways we our able to help employers with their selection, is by spending considerable time with our candidates, reviewing their experience and education to ensure we are providing the highest qualified people for you. We can identify strengths in our candidates that other recruiters may miss, by using our history and experience in IT. Other recruiters may not be equipped with the IT backgrounds we have, which means you will not get the best selection of people from them, but you will from us!

We also have an in house Consulting Division where we have access to industry experts either on staff or through our extensive network to assist in your search.

As well we also provide I.T. HR Services which includes services such as Staff Management, Departmental Planning, & Forecasting, Job Posting reviews, Interview panel assistance and RFP Evaluations.

Give us a call or email ( today to start our new relationship and we can help you with your I.T. needs from the REAL I.T. recruiting experts.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

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