General Call Out – CANDIDATES

We are building our candidate database and are having a general call out for any I.T. Professionals, Analysts, Project Managers, Management and Senior Executives just to name a few, that are currently looking for their next opportunity. We want to hear from all of you!

ALL skillsets and backgrounds wanted, anything from Programmers, Analysts, Desktop/Server Operations, Networking, Architects, Web and Cloud Gurus, Application Specialist, Program/Project Management, I.T. Management, Senior I.T. leadership roles, etc.

Please email us your resume with contact information, and include how and when is the best time to contact you. Pleas include a short description of your background and what you are looking for next; whether it’s advancement in your career or a new fulltime or contract position.

We will call ALL of the people that submit their resume to setup a 1 on 1 meeting to get further details and to start building our new relationship.

We want to get to know each of our candidates more intimately so we have the best chance to fulfill your needs when new opportunities arise. This is part of our Mission and Vision to be the best I.T. Recruiter in Atlantic Canada and we want to start by knowing our candidates better, to serve our employer clients best.

If needed or requested we offer free services that we hope will help assist our candidates. Resume Writing, IN PERSON Skills Matrix completions, Interview Guidance. We will provide updates during the entire submission process and report back to you on the submissions, if you are not the successful candidate. We will be as honest as possible and provide you with real feedback from our 1 on 1’s as well from unsuccessful submissions. Other recruiters will charge you fees for most of these and some do not even offer these types of helpful services, we are offering all at no charge in order to help in your job submissions.

We feel the more we help you, the more its helps us; which ultimately helps our Employers.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

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